How I Stay Super-Fit at 62

How I Stay Super-Fit at 62

It’s great to be active again!As many of you know, I was completely immobilized after back surgery in 2004 which triggered an agonizing “whole body” flare-up of my arthritis that lasted for several months.

I was couch-bound and gained 35 pounds. Even worse, this inactivity led me to the brink of heart disease and diabetes. (Read my story here.)

I learned the hard way that there’s plenty of truth in the old saying: “Once you stop moving, you start dying.”

My book ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED (co-written with Dr. Stephen Sinatra) tells how I reversed my arthritis — and saved my life in the process.

Growing Old Isn’t for Sissies

Now that I’m back to my super-active self (I cycle, lift weights, do yoga regularly, plus hike and jog), I have to deal with the assault of muscle pulls and sports injuries that seem to pick on us seniors — plus the stress and tension of running a website and a publishing company fulltime.

After a certain age, staying fit is more of a challenge because of injuries. We’re more likely pull or strain muscles than when we were younger. (Last week I made compost all afternoon and really felt it in my back the next day.)

But unlike most people my age, I don’t take anti-inflammatory pills like Advil or ibuprofen to relieve my aches and pains. (That’s because these drugs block the body’s cartilage-repair process and actually accelerate joint deterioration.) I can’t afford that!

These days, my two best friends for healing my muscles are Boericke and Tafel’s Sports Gel for Trauma and the tiny hand-held wonder, the Mini-Masseuse Pro.

Boericke and Tafel’s Sports Gel Is Pretty Amazing Stuff

A few months ago I strained a deltoid muscle lifting weights and it just wouldn’t heal. In fact, everything I did seemed to aggravate it more (cycling, yoga, push-ups — even picking this year’s crop of cherries).

When my wife noticed my discomfort, she brought out her well-worn tube of Boericke and Tafel’s (she’s from Europe and relies on a variety of homeopathic remedies).

After just two applications, I noticed a marked improvement. And two days later I was back to normal.

I’ve tried a bunch of muscle creams in the past (Traumeel, arnica, etc.), but nothing works as well. I’m really impressed.

We buy Boericke and Tafel’s Sports Gel at Whole Foods, but it’s available wherever good quality homeopathic remedies are sold. Keep a tube on hand — you won’t regret it.

How Electricity Can Heal Your Body

My newest healing helper, the Mini-Masseuse Pro, really comes in handy for more serious injuries. It’s like having a physical therapist on call 24/7.

This palm-size electrical muscle stimulator (EMS) is as powerful as the big machines used by sports clinics, chiropractors and professional trainers, but it’s far more affordable.The principle is simple. You just attach two adhesive terminals to the injured or stressed area. Mild electrical current is passed through the muscles causing them to contract and release at any intensity you choose. (You can actually see them jumping up and down under your skin.)

These high-speed contractions pump blood and nutrients to the injury and speed healing — so you’re back in action sooner. (According to my Google research, EMS has even helped paralyzed patients walk again — which is pretty amazing!

How I Found Out about It

I learned about the Mini-Masseuse Pro from our friend Pamelyn who suffers from long-term back pain that usually requires strong painkillers. Here’s what she wrote to me:

“I love this device and have had it for years. I used to suffer from constant lower back pain and had to take Aleve nightly. Now instead of popping pills, I rely on my Mini-Masseuse.It’s easy to use, convenient, and gives me drug-free relief. The unit fits in my hand and the stimulus pads are discreet enough to wear under my clothes (so I can treat myself at work or driving in my car).

I give myself a treatment before going to bed almost every night … and now I’m able to enjoy pain-free sleep.

It’s also an unbeatable value. With physical therapy treatments running anywhere from $95 to $125 dollars per appointment, the Mini-Masseuse paid for itself in less than two days. And I never again have to take time off work to visit my chiropractor.

I still have to take an occasional Aleve — but those are days when I’ve had a super-strenuous workload and ‘overdo it’. I bet I’ve reduced the need for pain-relievers by 90%.”

A Relaxing Massage Anytime You Need One

And if chronically-tense muscles have you uptight, these EMS-generated contractions also loosen and relax them as if you had a professional massage.

Martina (my Energizer Bunny wife), is regularly attacked by intense tension headaches that torture her for a period of three days. Mysteriously, they appear about every two months — but can also be brought on by stressful events, such as when we’re preparing to travel.

On our last cross-country flight, she packed the Mini-Masseuse in her purse and was able to relax her pain away on the plane. (This was a big relief for me too, because it usually takes me hours to massage the knot out of her trapezius.)

Two Things I Love about Writing for

I love my job.

Every week, members send me recommendations for their favorite “healing products”
— and I get to personally research and test them. (Tell me about yours here.)

Not all of these pass muster (and some are real duds) — but the ones that truly impress me get my full endorsement.

And the Mini-Masseuse Pro has my “thumbs up.”Give it a try and see what you think. If you’re not 100% satisfied with it, send it back within 90 days for a full refund on your credit card.

And I’ll personally make sure you get your money back.

Order here

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